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About Us...

Owner, Laura Phillips, was born and raised in Indianola, Iowa where she met her husband, Tim.  They married in March of 1980 and had two children, Christina and Matthew.  In the early years of their marriage they moved a lot for Tim’s job, living in Colorado and Texas, then returning to Iowa for their daughter to start 1st Grade.  They own and operate another business in Indianola and Quality Time Quilts started as a hobby that is now trying to take off.

Laura started sewing around 5th or 6th grade with her mother.  She first started learning on clothing.  Laura’s mother is a very good seamstress.  When Laura was in Junior High School, her teacher told her she would not be good at sewing because she didn’t follow the rules.  After their daughter was born, Laura would make a lot of her baby clothes.  When they moved to the mountains of Colorado, Laura started teaching herself how to make quilts.  With the cold temperatures and lack of things to do in the mountains, this gave her something to do.  Over the years, she has perfected these skills and has created many beautiful quilts.  She has enjoyed making special quilts for her children, nieces, nephews, and other family members over the years.

Laura’s daughter, Tina, showed an interest in sewing when she was in high school.  She then lost interest until the Summer of 2003, when her then boyfriend’s sister was getting married and she wanted to make them a quilt as a gift.  She spent a lot of time on that quilt and had many nightmares about ripping out seams, but finally finished it and gave it to them and they loved it.  This sparked interest yet again in her.  Over the years, she made more wedding gift quilts for her friends and baby quilts for them too.  She started helping Laura with the craft shows in 2003 after her long time relationship went south and she needed a distraction from it.  Tina, is now helping Laura build her business and is the one that does 90% of her online work.  Tina is married now to her husband, Nate, and they have two children, Hunter and Rylee, who are with her almost every time they are at the store.

In 2003, Laura started doing craft/vendor shows.  Her quilts were admired by many but not a lot were being bought.  She then decided to branch out and make other items like PillowBlankets and Toddler Blankets.  These items really helped her to get her company going.  In 2005, Laura had built her quilting business so much that they had to convert their two car garage into her studio and built on another garage for the cars.  In 2012, Laura decided to get a quilting machine.  This machine allowed her to work more efficiently.  Now she does quilting for other people who like to sew the tops of their quilts but do not have the resources to make it into a quilt.  The summer of 2017, she took over 2 stalls of their garage to create her new studio/store.  She also started selling fabrics in the Fall of 2017.